Art by Jeong Park Korean-American Artist
   Art by Jeong Park  Korean-American Artist 

WHimsical Art -- Gallery

Look at our image gallery to learn more about our company and what we have to offer you and the world. All the works can be hung in your house and on the wall. Enjoy the Art shopping. 

Title: Dance with Flower (DF), 2023 on

Gallery Canvas size: 1.25in/Deep, 36in/Wide, 24in/High

Mixed Media: Thick Arcylic Paintings, Colored tape, Watercolor painted on Arcylic paper, Clear beads attached, Black & White Edged. 




Title: Beyond Water Mark (BYWM) 2023 on

Gallery Canvas Size: 1.5in/Deep, 20in/Wide, 16in/High 

Mixed Medium: Watercolor, colored type, Watercolor paper, Hair dye permanent ink, Pen ink, Pink border edged.



Title: Four Flowers (FF), 2023 on

Hardboard, matt gray acrylic with Braided decorated by hands, on Arches Watercolor paper, France.

Mixed Media: Watercolor paintings, 150lb Watercolor Paper (Acid-Free) 



Title: Flower Oil (FO), 2023 on

Gallery Canvas size: 1.5in/Deep, 40in/Wide, 30in/High

Mixed Media: Oil paintings, Acrylic, Half pearls, sprikles, Metalic Acrylic, Linced Oil, Golden Edged. 


Title: Purple Butterfly (PB), 2023 on

Gallery Canvas Size: 1.5in/Deep, 12in/Wide, 36in/ High.

Mixed Media: Gorden Acrylic paintings on rough surfaces with multiple layers, Pink border edged.





Title: Mono Flower (MF), 2023 on

Tilted Wooden Canvas size: 0.6in/Deep, 18in/Wide, 23.75in/High

Mixed Media: Mono print oil inks rollered on Black paper, Acrylic poured-edged layered. 



Title: Flower Within (FW), 2023 on

Canvas size: 0.75in/Deep, 15in/Wide, 17.75in/High

Mixed Media: Oil Pastels, Paper Designed, Oil Paintings, Pens,






Title: Trimo (TM), 2023 on

Two Canvas sizes for each: 0.75in/Deep, 15in/Wide, and 17.75in/High.   

Mixed Media: Acrylic Paintings, Butterfly Stickers, Pen(Oil based) 


Title: Wild Flowers (WF) 2023, on

White Canvas size: 0.75in/Deep, 18in/Wide, 15in/High.

Medium: Water and Pigments 







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