Art by Jeong Park Korean-American Artist
   Art by Jeong Park  Korean-American Artist 

Photography works of Art Museum 2021

Photography can grab the moment that humans might miss for a second. I enjoy using photo Lenses to capture those moments when the world speaks to me. A communication form can vary, However, this Photography of visual communication is one of my strong suits. Fine art brings those moments to stir up human emotions and memories that are precious. Each human life is unique, and Please do not copy without copyright.  All right reserved by the Artist/ Jeong Park 



Look Inside

The moment to find the exit with the reflection of it's own. 



Dead to Old Self

When the world shows some sign for warning that combines Senses.



Life & Death

Visual communicationOne picture can speak a 1000 words.



Thinking Chair

Thinking time on Thinking Chair.



Thinking Time

When there is a confusion the conflict reflects. 




The moment gets emerging for the History.




This is time to focus to see.



Feet Resting

Rest after the war.




Peace under the tree.


Feet & the Chair

those bruses on the toe nails were purple again.




Unforgiveness copy.

Intel time machined



Where R U from?

T-call made and over.



Shadow of Reflection

T wooden floor



Resting &Reflection

To, What do you see?




Calming moment of photo.


Blossom White & Blue Flowers

Overlap images of Flowers that elevate people's Heart.




This is a sean of photo with light source of 2021.



Praising Green tree&leaves

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Blossom-White Flowers3-1.

TStrong force were there.



17.Famliy time.

TBeautiful reflection and the sun light reflect on the picture.



18.the body armor

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19-1 Skilled Mankind

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Blossom Flowers &Painting

This is a text! 2021, Summer



20. Claim the Victory

T CAN DO & t can do later.



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