Whenever you feel so hard not to get angry, remember this verse to remind you of the meaning of LOVE.

The Healing Water Project was initiated by Art by Jeong Park.

As much as I do not like see some flaws in this picture, I like how much this facial expression gives me the comfortable feelings. Knowing that there is somewhere in between this earth and the heaven I can stay for a while until it closes into the Chaos we normal escapes from. This sense of being exsisting a human form in this space is amazing ! Just wanted to share my thoughts with one cut of facial photo that could show some personality. 

- NON-COLD MINDSET- wed sep 27th 2023 - FROM JEONG PARK-  

When you look up, what do you see? 

I see the variety of different aspects of this world and others.

Perhaps some dimensions.




Korean-American Watercolor Artist Jeong Park Artist

Welcome to visit the page of the Art by Jeong Park.


My Name is Jeong (Meaning Straight ) Eun (Meaning Grace) Park 



Hello, everyone! Welcome!

Thank you so much for your the time to visit my website.

I become the happiest person in the world when I create art; it heals and touches my soul. I believe that GOD gave us the creativity to make this world a little bit lighter.


My primary favorite medium is Watercolor. 

Living- WATER (H2O) is so amazing to work with, and it has its own life to express. 

Currently, I'm studying digital technology and medical art to become a medical illustrator, and I'm so happy to learn so I can pursue my dream by GOD's grace.   


I love to study medical illustration - combining visual description to communicate with viewers (such as patients and their family members) and the practitioners within medicine can bring a lot of excellent outcomes to save and heal people who desperately need medical attention.  


Happy to become a person who can help others and society, and this whole earth. I love the earth!




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