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Not for sale 

Not for sale 

Korean-American Watercolor Artist Jeong Park Artist

Welcome to visit the page of the Art by Jeong Park.


My Name is Jeong (Meaning Straight ) Eun (Meaning Grace) Park 



Hello, everyone! Welcome!

Thank you so much for your the time to visit my website.

I become the happiest person in the world when I create art; it heals and touches my soul. I believe that GOD gave us the creativity to make this world a little bit lighter.


My primary favorite medium is Watercolor. 

Living- WATER (H2O) is so amazing to work with, and it has its own life to express. 

Currently, I'm studying digital technology and medical art to become a medical illustrator, and I'm so happy to learn so I can pursue my dream by GOD's grace.   


I love to study medical illustration - combining visual description to communicate with viewers (such as patients and their family members) and the practitioners within medicine can bring a lot of excellent outcomes to save and heal people who desperately need medical attention.  


Happy to become a person who can help others and society, and this whole earth. I love the earth!




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