Art by Jeong Park Korean-American Artist
   Art by Jeong Park  Korean-American Artist 

Heading for the 3rd floor 

The 3rd Floor is the highest holistic place. After we get here, the next one is in the US. As a creation of GOD, we need to diligently go to the level up. 

- Jeong Eun Park ( Hephzibah) 



Oh! Cross is not over!!!

I can make the mosaic of the images with perfect small peaces. 



There were time when I needed taste of peace. This two pieces are as a set.

When you hang on an Art on your wall, what is the most important thingy? To me? I like to hang on to an art that I like to look at it every day without getting sick or bored of it. This is just right!




I made this winebox by hands with hand-drawn designs with a white doggy button. 



Moon shines around the mountains with snow do not melt.



Purple Sky

When sky gives purple light what changes in this earth?




Hand-made epoxy jjjewwerlys. One of kind. 



This is a Cup.

Hand drawn portraits with verses in two laungues



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